A New Beginning

Discover Compassionate Guidance From Your Legal Representation

When facing the challenges of divorce and family law matters, you need an attorney / legal team who understands the delicate balance between zealously defending your legal rights and protecting/preserving your emotional well-being to set you up for a future of certainty, peace and joy. If you are looking for legal representation from Indiana attorneys who value your best interests—financially, emotionally and spiritually—HLG is the law firm for you!

Hollingsworth Law Group is a dynamic team of highly trained professionals ready to prioritize your unique needs from a holistic perspective. With exceptional legal experience, the utmost compassion, and unmatched attention to each and every client, we work tirelessly to resolve divorce and family law issues quickly and efficiently. And, above all, we are committed to getting the best results for our clients, without sacrificing long-term relationships, especially when children are involved. From beginning to end, our approach, Divorce Done Differently, is centered around fair and amicable solutions, aiming to minimize conflict and promote cooperation and collaboration between parties.  Our mission is not only to help you survive one of the most challenging times of your life, but to also set you up to thrive in the future, long after your legal case has been resolved.

What Sets Us Apart

HLG’s entire approach to divorce and family law cases is unique to that of anything else you will find. Our founding partner, attorney Kena Hollingsworth, has an incredibly personal relationship with divorce and, as a result, she is passionate about finding creative, collaborative solutions to divorce and other family law matters. Kena has 20+ years of experience as a divorce and family law attorney. She is also a trained family law mediator and a collaborative divorce professional. Kena’s commitment to clients and families, though, goes beyond her legal experience. She is a life-long student of people, relationships and human psychology. In 2020, Kena became a certified relationship coach to better understand clients’ needs and support them throughout the emotional journey of divorce. Kena’s personal experience as both a child of divorce and having experienced divorce in her adult life sets Kena (and our firm) apart. Through her own personal and professional experiences, Kena became obsessed with creating a healthier, more respectful approach to divorce that serves the long-term well-being of clients and families. That is why she developed an approach to divorce that is unique to HLG and whole-heartedly embraced by our entire legal team.  Divorce Done Differently is not just a motto.  It is a mindset, a commitment to our clients, and the foundation upon which this firm was built.

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Your Family’s Future Is Our Priority

Whether you’re a parent grappling with custody concerns, a high-income individual focused on asset protection, or an exhausted spouse simply looking for a more peaceful way to exit your relationship, we are here to support you every step of the way. We know that every client has his/her own goals and needs in these cases, and we work tirelessly to find optimal results for each client, committed to creating a future of certainty, stability and peace.

We are not just a divorce and family law firm. Kena and others on the HLG team are also certified relationship coaches through the Center for Thriving Relationships. As a result of this unique combination of skillsets, our approach prioritizes our clients’ overall health and happiness far beyond the date a divorce is finalized. Our unique method is empathetic, empowering and forwarding-thinking.  We value bringing a holistic approach to these cases to lead our clients through new these life transitions with peace, hope, joy and certainty.

Take The First Step Toward Resolution

If you are looking for someone you can depend on through the highly sensitive issues that are impacting your family, contact us to begin creating a plan to move forward without unnecessary stress and anxiety.  Schedule your free initial consultation with us today by calling 317-DIVORCE (317-348-6723) or emailing us here to begin your journey to the resolution you deserve in your legal issues.