A New Beginning

A Non-Adversarial Approach To Dissolution

A Collaborative Divorce in Indiana is based on many of the same principles as Mediation, but Collaborative Divorce is different from Mediation. The Collaborative Divorce Process is a non-adversarial approach to dissolution, where both parties and their attorneys commit to resolving disputes outside of court. This method emphasizes open communication, mutual respect, and a shared goal of reaching a beneficial agreement for all involved, including any children. It’s designed to preserve relationships and minimize the emotional and financial toll often associated with traditional divorce proceedings.

Many of the attorneys at Hollingsworth Law Group are trained Collaborative Divorce Professionals with experience in assisting you through the Collaborative Divorce Process. And, at HLG we approach every case collaboratively, utilizing many of the concepts from the “Collaborative Divorce Process.”  However, the Collaborative Divorce Process is not for every family.

Find Out If Collaborative Divorce Is Right For You

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