A New Beginning

A Message from our Founder, Kena Hollingsworth

Hi!  Welcome to Hollingsworth Law Group and to a new era of divorce law, where every step is taken with mindfulness, respect and a collective goal of long-term well-being. I founded this firm with one mission:  to do divorce differentlyhealthier…dare I say, BETTER. As a child of several messy divorces, I had a front row seat to how challenging divorce can be; and I intimately understand the traumatic long-term effect divorce can have on everyone involved – especially children. However, as an adult who has been through a divorce, and as a certified relationship coach, I also have personal knowledge that it does not have to be that way!  Divorce doesn’t have to be painful, isolating and riddled with anxiety and uncertainty. Divorce truly can be a loving transition into a new phase in life. I know it. I live it. And I can help you live it too!

My personal and professional experiences have created a burning passion in me to help others navigate divorce with more peace, more certainty, more positivity, and a lot less suffering. As a result “Divorce Done Differently” was born, and it has since been embraced by our entire legal team.

Our dynamic and compassionate legal team at HLG practices exclusively divorce and family law. We don’t dabble in divorce and family law matters…this is all we do. We are experienced advocates, relationship coaches and legal professionals who prioritize the mental, emotional, relational and financial health of the individuals (and families) we are honored to serve. We help clients navigate divorce, custody, child support and other family law concerns with a focus on maintaining peace, respect, and amicable relationships long-term. Let’s work together to turn this challenging time into a foundation for a stable and joyful future.