A New Beginning

Client Testimonials

We are passionate about our clients going on to live happy, healthy lives long after our work for them is done, and we work hard to set them up for long-term success. We are honored and grateful when our clients take time to share their experience with us. Here is what some of our clients have had to say about their experience working with Kena Hollingsworth and the legal team of Hollingsworth Law Group:


Kena was a complete God send to me and my son.  She made an extremely painful process so much more tolerable with her positive demeanor, deep understanding of my fears and desire to create the best possible outcome for my son. With the utmost compassion and professionalism, Kena was as attentive to my every need and concern. She alleviated my fears at every turn, and her response time was second to done.  I can’t imagine going through what I did without her by my side, and I am so grateful for her support and assistance.



I had a great experience with Kena.  She was thorough, attentive and insightful throughout the legal process. But what made the biggest difference to me was the kindness, respect and compassion she demonstrated during my case-from the beginning til the end. Her positive approach and focus on collaboration and peace for everyone involved cannot be underestimated or undervalued. I’m confident that her approach not only saved me money, but at times it felt like she was saving my sanity! I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of divorce or help with custody and child support. She’s the best!



It sounds crazy to say I had a great experience with my divorce attorney, but that’s exactly how I feel!  I can’t even begin to articulate all the reasons why I had such a positive experience, or how happy I have been with my decision to hire Kena Hollingsworth and her team.  I worked with both Kena and Genevieve Bedano. They were amazing. They walked me through a very difficult time and treated me with such respect and kindness. I felt like I was not just a “client” to them.  They treated me like a friend.  A real friend. I felt like we were all in it together and I can’t imagine it any other way!

Kena and Gen walked me through each and every detail, taking time and patience to break things down for me, explain the process in great detail, and answer every single one of my questions. I was never waiting for them to respond to me like I have so often heard others complain about with their divorce attorneys. The level of their responsiveness is like nothing I have ever experienced.

They were incredibly attentive and reassuring every step of the way. And to be honest, with the level of care I received, I was shocked at how reasonable the fees were.  They were worth every penny.

Both Kena and Genevieve are amazing people to work with. My entire experience with them was very positive, despite being in the midst of a very challenging situation.

I have since recommended their services many times to friends of mine, and everyone I know has been just as pleased as I was with their legal representation.

I am so grateful I hired such kind and compassionate attorneys. Thanks for everything ladies!



I am so glad I found Kena at the right time!!! My divorce was messy and complex and super emotional.

Not only was Kena understanding  and compassionate, but she was professional, knowledgeable and exceptionally prompt in responding to my (many) questions and concerns. I have and will continue to recommend Kena to family, friends and colleagues. She is one in a million and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all the ways I felt supported during my case.



I had heard the best things about Kena Hollingsworth prior to hiring her.  She handled my best friend’s divorce and there were times it was hard for me to even believe all the positive things my friend said about Kena while she was going through the worst parts of her divorce.  Unfortunately just a few years later I found myself needing her services for my own situation. And I can unequivocally say that I couldn’t be more pleased with her representation.  I have been beyond impressed with the service, compassion, knowledge and professionalism of Kena and her firm. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a strong yet compassionate approach to divorce and/or family law issues. I’m so thankful I had Kena on my side during such a difficult time in my life. She made all the difference in the world, keeping me focused on the most important outcomes and on moving through the process in the most peaceful way possible. Thank you so much for caring so much about me and my future! I am eternally grateful.



I was referred to Kena at a time in my life when I was at the lowest point imaginable. Kena met me with such kindness and compassion and guided me through the entire process of a very messy divorce.  There were moments when her grace and understanding were the only things that kept me going.  Honestly, I don’t know how I could have possibly gotten through my divorce without her dedication to my case and her endless emotional support. Kena is a top notch divorce attorney and person.   I recommend her to anyone looking for help with divorce or family issues.



I hired Kena Hollingsworth to handle my divorce. Had it not been for my son, I wouldn’t have even hired an attorney. I just didn’t care that much about dividing assets.  However, because our divorce so greatly impacted our son, I knew I needed to hire the very best divorce attorney around—for his sake. I obviously wanted and still want the very best for my son and as soon as I talked with Kena I felt so much better. She immediately put me at ease, showed me a path forward, and basically held my hand throughout the process so that I showed up as my best self and the best father for my son.

Our divorce was messy and I had nightmares about things I’d heard about fathers getting the short end of the stick. But Kena listed to me, heard my concerns and understood my needs.  Not only was she able to help us navigate our divorce in a much more peaceful way than we when started, but I genuinely felt she cared about me and my son. She was loving and supportive and she was more than an advocate.  It was like she became a trusted member of our family.

I would recommend Kena and her team to anyone trying to navigate divorce or any cases involving children!!



I heard about Hollingsworth from a good friend who was thrilled with her service.

When I first spoke with Kena, I was in a dark place. I felt as if my whole world had been turned upside down and I was hopeless. I knew I needed someone who could not only help me navigate the legal process, but someone who could also provide stability and compassion and certainty during the worst time of my life.  Each time I spoke with Kena I felt more calm and clear-minded amidst a lot of chaos.

Kena and her team provided great service at a reasonable fee. I highly recommend Kena and her firm to anyone in need of help will divorce.